When will the coronavirus pandemic be eradicated in the Philippines? If it were up to an artificial intelligence algorithm, the date to look forward to is July 8.

Researchers from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have developed an A.I. technology that gives projections based on confirmed cases, deaths, population and other current world data. The A.I. algorithm generates epidemiological curves in which end dates can be estimated for different countries as well as the entire world. 

For comparison, the A.I. predicts the end of the virus in Vietnam on May 14, Singapore on June 10, and Indonesia on July 30. Malaysia has the same end date as the Philippines. As for the entire world, the COVID-19 virus end date is December 2.

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Even though the A.I. claims a 100% chance, it bears repeating that the July 8 prediction for the Philippines is just that—a prediction. The predicted end dates for all countries will certainly change when new data, such as new cases and outbreaks, are fed into the A.I.

In addition, virus mutation and human migration patterns are some factors that the algorithm does not take into consideration but nevertheless can affect the transmission, spread and eventual decline of the virus.

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  1. Good to note:

    The AI model keeps changing its forecasts every day (that’s also admitted by the authors).
    Also the AI model has dropped PH as of this date (May 5). (I suspect data challenges).