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Have you been inside a mall or any public place with tons of available free WiFi networks and wondered which of them works best? Well, you do not have to go through the whole trial-and-error anymore thanks to the new Android 8.1 update.

The Android 8.1 has been pushed out for a couple of weeks already, but Google is still at it in providing new and useful features.

With this new addition, Android can now display the speeds of any public/open WiFi networks nearby. This allows you to easily decide which network to connect to, without having to test out each of them.

Android 8.1 update displays the network speed of public WiFi networks

On the WiFi tab on the settings menu, the network speed labels are displays right below the network name itself. There are five different labels that are used to show different levels. Starting from Slow (0-1Mbps), OK (1-5Mbps), Fast (5-20Mbps), and Very Fast (20Mbps+).

On the downside, the feature doesn’t work on private and password-protected networks, as all their data is only accessible once the password is obtained.

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