AnTuTu’s list of best-performing devices for March 2020 is now out, and one of those is a list of the most powerful Apple mobile devices out in the market today.

The AnTuTu Top 10 iOS devices was dominated by — although it’s technically powered by the new iPadOS — the new iPad Pro 12.9-inch, which is equipped with the latest A12Z Bionic chip and comes with a 6GB/256GB RAM and storage configuration. It got an average score of 747,937,


Oddly enough, the 11-inch model, which has the same A12Z Bionic processor, came in at the third spot with a score of 715,253. It was overtaken by the iPad Pro 3 12.9-inch with a close score of 716,322.


10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro NoypiGeeks

The fourth spot was taken by another tablet, the smaller iPad Pro 3 11-inch with a 12X Bionic processor with a score of 709,190.

Clearly, their powerful processors and feature-packed iPadOS can give enough performance for those who use tablets for work. Albeit, the difference between the A12Z and A12X Bionic chips are not too noticeable.


iPhones didn’t come in until the fifth seat, which was taken by the iPhone 11 Pro Max and its A13 Bionic chip and 4GB/256GB configuration. With a score of 537,154, it’s the most powerful iPhone that you can get to date.

It’s followed by the iPhone 11 Pro (521,010) and iPhone 11 (517,400). Both of which uses the same A13 Bionic chip. A processor that’s also expected to power the upcoming iPhone 9 / SE 2.


The eight and ninth spots were given to the Apple tablets once again, with the iPad Air 3 (482,611) and iPad Mini 5 (463,089) both sporting A12 Bionic processor. That’s also the chipset that’s powering last gen’s iPhone XS Max, who took the tenth spot at 443,337.

All average benchmark scores were recorded from March 1-31, 2020 using the AnTuTu Benchmark v8. We’re also curious to see how the list changes once the iPhone 9 / SE 2 come into the picture.

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