Apple to hold an event on March 25, might launch a Netflix competitor


It’s been long rumored that Apple is gearing up to go against Netflix. But now, it looks like Apple is really ready to launch their latest, non-hardware product.

The company just sent out invites to the media about an event happening on March 25 at the Steve Jobs theater inside their headquarters at Cupertino, California. The invite has the words ‘It’s show time.’ which is a clear hint that this is indeed the stage for the launch of Apple’s new streaming service.

While Apple still needs to build up a lot of original content for their video streaming service, we expect them to team up with some of the biggest media company around like HBO, Disney, and more to make all their movies and TV shows be available in this latest platform.

Besides the available content, we’re also curious to see how Apple’s take on Netflix, which already has a large customer base and a deep bank of original content, pans out. I guess only time can tell.

Moreover, there are also rumors that Apple will be providing updates on their Apple News service on the said event. There’s also a chance that some of the sounding Apple devices in the rumor mill, like the AirPods 2 and new iPads, might be introduced here. But since this seems like a for-online-services-only type of event, I won’t keep my hopes up that new hardware will be included.


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