Apple’s rampage against Samsung isn’t over yet as they have included the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 in the patent lawsuit. The iPhone maker won the case a week ago due to the US jury who favored Apple’s claims. From my point of view, this only proves that they hate competition especially when they are somehow “better”.


Samsung is now accused of allegedly infringing on Apple’s patent ’604, ’647, and ’721. I can’t really understand how did they got those patents when those should be generic. If they patented the design of “rounded corners on rectangles”, then how should other phones look like? An edgy rectangular phone? A triangular phone/tablet? Come on, it should not be that way. I just hope that they won’t try to patent other geometrical shapes too.

If that’s the case, then this is how the next Galaxy Tab should look like.

What do you think? Is this nice?

This time, the claims involve the universal search, slide-to-unlock, and clickable links on emails/text messages (this caused extensive banning of HTC devices a few weeks ago). Seriously, they’ve patented the clickable links on emails? That’s so unbelievable. Even feature phones and smartphones ahead of iPhone and iPad‘s time seem to have that feature. Like Phandroid, I am against this as it should not be exclusive for their devices only. Also, do they even remember where they got their drop-down notification bar? It’s from Android!

Lets say the very first inventor of cellphone wants to patent that, it is fair? Does that mean he should be the only one to use it? We have lots of different smartphones today and if we will compare it, it is not copying – it is INNOVATING. We all know that there are things that should be patented but these kind of things should not be included.

Samsung should also patent the Pop and Play, and Multiscreen multitasking of the Galaxy Note 10.1(if they still didn’t to do so) if this how things should be. I honestly think that multiscreen multitasking is the future of the tablets so lets see if that looks good. Check the awesome videos showcasing the multitasking and other great features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 here.

It’s undeniable – Apple hates competition. I don’t hate Apple but I’m with Samsung on this one. People should go back on doing more innovations rather than fighting over it.

{ sources: Reuters, Phandroid }

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