A new report says that Apple will no longer repair iPhones that have been reported missing.

The report says that Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will now get an alert if the iPhone presented to them for repairs has been reported missing in the GSMA Device Registry. This development was detailed in an internal memo from last Monday.

It’s said that if a technician sees a notification on their internal MobileGenius or GSX system stating that the device was reported missing, they should not accept it for repairs.



The GSMA Device Registry is a global database that was created for users to report that their device has been missing, either due to being lost or stolen.

While Apple service providers can already not repair an iPhone once it’s been disabled via Find My iPhone, this new policy will help users who weren’t able to disable theirs.

This should help lessen the cases of stolen devices or improve the chances of getting back the missing ones.

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