Following a successful launch of its latest flagship device, the iPhone 12, Apple is once again at the top spot among smartphone manufacturers, Gartner claims.

Samsung had pretty much dominated the smartphone market for the most part of 2020. But things started to see favor for Apple around the last quarter of the same year, which sees the giant tech company overtaking sales at 79.9 million units versus the South Korean company’s 62.1 million units. Consequently, this means the former managing to take 20.8 percent of the market while the latter follows only at 16.2 percent.


In hindsight, the result appears to boil down to the kind of products both manufacturers were able to offer to consumers at the time. Whereas Apple was giving the world premium high-end devices, like the iPhone 12, Samsung, on the other hand, had been showcasing lower-end devices, like the Galaxy A42 5G. The latter’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, did not appear in the market until early this year.

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