Apple Watch: tech giant’s first wearable and ‘most personal device yet’

Apple has finally revealed its first wearable device in full detail. The Apple Watch is the epitome of the company’s premium devices, and that comes with a great cost.

$17,000, to be exact. That’s what you need if you want the Apple Watch Edition, a 38mm timepiece with an 18-karat yellow gold case. Not everyone has that kind of ridiculous amount in their coffers to spend for a smartwatch, which is why Apple will also offer an entry-level model for $349. Apple’s products are never cheap.

As a wearable device, the Apple Watch boasts several functions aside from being a precise timepiece. Like Android Wear smartwatches, it can connect via Bluetooth to an iPhone and alert you for notifications, incoming calls and messages. It’s also a health and fitness device, letting you track your activity and fitness levels as you do your workout routine. Furthermore, it can be loaded with optimized apps to further enhance its functionality. With Apple Pay, for instance, you can use the smartwatch to pay for your coffee or groceries in participating stores.

While there’s no doubt that all these are terrific features, the Apple Watch sadly disappoints in one important aspect: battery life. It can only keep going for a full work day, specifically 18 hours, before it demands wireless charging through the included magnetic pad. Also, this smartwatch cannot be tethered to anything else but an iPhone.

The Apple Watch will be available in April.

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