ASUS ROG Premium Care: All-in extensive maintenance service

ASUS ROG Premium Care

ASUS’ gaming laptop line-up has shown a strong market presence in the Philippines. The company wants to further boost consumer trust and commitment by introducing the new ASUS ROG Premium Care.

As per ASUS’ own words, the new ROG Premium Care is an “all-in premium extensive maintenance service” for their Republic of Gamers (ROG) and FX series laptops.

Each legible laptops is subject to the ASUS ROG Premium Care’s 9-step maintenance procedures:

1. Overall system diagnosis

2. Re-applying thermal paste

3. Fans and vents cleaning

4. Memory pins cleaning

5. Keyboard cleaning

6. Cosmetics part cleaning

7. LCD cleaning

8. Recommendations

9. Final over-all system check-up

ASUS has also partnered with CoolerMaster to help provide the thermal paste needed for the reapplication.

To have your ROG or FX series laptop legible for the Premium Care, make sure that it’s still under the warranty duration and is not voided due to damage caused by the owner.

Moreover, the notebook should have been purchased via authorized local sellers. The serial number will also be verified through the ASUS system database.

Once you pass all those criteria, you can now head on to ASUS authorized service centers.


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