After a long struggle to keep its price within the $10,000 line for most of the year, including a $5,000 dip, cryptocurrency Bitcoin is soaring heights as it climbs its way up to the $15,000 price.

Despite the possibility of seeing a fall, considering the fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency trade, some are hopeful of seeing the price go higher to up to $16,000 in the days to come.

The driving force behind the sudden price increase remains uncertain at this point. But some suspect has something to do with the ongoing US election or the resurgence of the global health issue across Europe. 


Yet, anyone who bought their Bitcoin around March, where the price was merely around the $5,000 range, definitely will have something to celebrate with this rather abrupt surge in pricing.

This event is truly a historic moment to remember, something new after the bullish times of 2017.

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