The quarantine period got us doing most of our usual outdoor activities online: one which is having food delivered at home. 

But there are some individuals who find it funny to order and cancel just when the deliveryman’s waiting outside. This “prank” isn’t just pulled ones—a lot of victims have drawn opinions and anger from netizens. 

Fortunately, a new house bill—House Bill 6958, also known as the “Food and Grocery Delivery Service Act”— seeks to protect food delivery services from individuals who does this sort of misdeed. 

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The bill states that these people are to pay a fine of PHP 100,000 as well as a jail time lasting 6 years. Violators will also have to reimburse the riders of the amount of the orders cancelled. 

This specifically targets those who feigns an order just for the sake of ‘pranking’ when orders have already been confirmed. 

Who is exempted from the bill?

  • Customers who pay via credit card though they cancelled. Their fees will still be credited to the service provider.
  • Customers who remit their payments as a prelude to an order to be cancelled. 
  • Late delivery from the supposed expected time of arrival because of the driver’s irresponsibility

This was proposed due to several complaints of food delivery service getting ‘pranked’, therefore resulting in a waste of their time and efforts, as well as an impact in finances. 

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