It may look like a science fiction project before, but foldable phones are now starting to become an actual smartphone to appeal to the mainstream market.

Xiaomi is one of the names riding the hype when foldable phones were in its first stages. But two years later, we now have devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Razr 5G, foldable phones that feel more like a final product than a prototype.

Other than a patent filing and a couple of rumors, we haven’t heard any official evidence about the upcoming Xiaomi foldable phone. Well, not until now.

A senior member at XDA has spotted evidence of the device’s existence in the new MIUI 12 code running on a Mi 10 Pro.

Codenamed “cetus”, it has a true value method called isFlodAbleDevice. This is just one evidence that it’s a foldable smartphone; others include a couple of codes that will monitor if the device is folded or not.

The device is also suspected to run on Android 11-based MIUI software, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and a 108-megapixel primary camera.

Other than that, nothing much is known about the device. It’s also not clear if it will actually arrive in the hands of the consumers. But considering that brands like Samsung are already on its way to make the third-gen of its foldable smartphones, Xiaomi is bound to, aboard the ship.

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