Converge ICT Solutions and Tap Digital Media Ventures announced the arrival of Studio Universal on BlastTV.

Studio Universal offers movies from all sorts of genres, from evergreen classics to blockbusters. It has hits like the Jurassic World franchise, Fast & Furios, Despicable Me, and more.

BlastTV offers a wide-range of genre-based channels, including Blast Action, Talk Shows, Crime TV, Family Movies, Blast Cinema, Reality TV, Game Show Central, and more. There’s also video on-demand content available that viewers can watch anytime.


Jesus C. Romero, Converge’s Chief Operations Officer, said that the internet service provider is ready to provide seamless and HD-optimized streaming entertainment to Filipinos.

Unlike other paid streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, BlastTV’s initiative is “Watch Now, Pay Zero.” This means that its subscribers can watch content without paying for anything.

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