Are you an avid Mobile Legends: Bang Bang gamer? Do you want to play the game even without an internet connection or mobile data? If so, you’re not alone. Many players have wondered about the possibility of enjoying MLBB offline since its launch years ago.

The ability to play Mobile Legends in offline mode has been requested by many gamers from Moonton for a long time. Fortunately, it’s already available and trying it out is pretty easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can play Mobile Legends offline.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offline mode

Step 1: Turn off the WiFi or data connection on your mobile device.


Step 2: Launch MLBB. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to enter Offline Mode.

Step 3: To proceed with the game without internet or data, choose “Confirm.”

Why play MLBB offline?

There could be multiple reasons why you want to play Mobile Legends without internet. You may be in a location without a stable connection, or you simply lack mobile data. Some might just want to practice alone without any toxic teammates bothering them. Whatever the case may be, you may now play in peace and compete with AI bots.


Mobile Legends offline features and limitations

When playing ML offline, there are certain limitations. Players can only set a match with AI bots and their wins will not be shown in their in-game match history.

Depending on your skill, you might want to adjust the bots’ capabilities in-game. Bots difficulty can be set between Easy, Normal, and Hard mode.

All Mobile Legends heroes are available offline, regardless if you already have them unlocked or not. This is perfect for those who want to practice new heroes or try them out before buying. You may also use all your hero skins, so you can keep the swag even if you’re playing with AI.

Unfortunately, there are no emblems here, which is quite a bummer. It’s not normal, though, so we expect Moonton to provide it in a future game update.


In terms of game settings, most are still adjustable based on your preferences. You can find them in the top right corner of the main menu. However, take note that a lot of these options will only be available once you have an internet or mobile data connection.

If you’re planning to increase your rank, it won’t work here. Remember that ML in offline mode doesn’t include leaderboards and other in-game achievements. In addition, Arcade and Custom Games are also not accessible. You won’t be able to play with friends as well because the friends list is not accessible without internet connection, so you won’t be able to invite other players.

Have you tried playing Mobile Legends offline? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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