CrowdSourced Store Finder lets you search for open banks, stores, ATMs, pharmacies and more


In the past few months, the effects of the current pandemic continue to unfold, and various establishments have stopped operating as part of the government’s mandate to stop the further spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Consequently, the availability of resources were also made limited due to the restriction on transport of goods and services. Nonetheless, access to basic necessities is still permitted so we can continue with our daily lives. At this time, cooperation, generosity and compassion are what we need to overcome this obstacle.  

With this in mind, an idea was born that would offer convenience to the local communities in this hard times.  

What is CrowdSourced Store Finder?

This is a newly-launched website/app created by volunteers from Good Vibes Digital PH with DOST employee Trinmar Boado as the forefront developer. From the word itself, CrowdSourced Store Finder collects information shared by residents of each specific area. There are four (4) categories of establishments, namely: banks/ATMs, remittance centers, stores and pharmacies. 



How does it work? The user-resident will simply mark a point in the map where there is an open establishment and provide details like the store/establishment name, address, and opening/closing hours. There is also a special feature wherein the user can chat with nearby users currently online to further ask questions or give comments. 

Basically, the web/app looks like Waze or Google Maps but with a different purpose.  

Definitely, this new tech will relieve people from the trouble of going to stores, banks and pharmacies that would eventually be seen closed, and in that way, it also reduces likely exposure to the COVID-19.  

Aside from being a user, you can also be a digital hero by sharing information on their website —


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