For the homeowner who dreams of living in a futuristic paradise, owning the latest self-serviceable home appliances is a must. Not least because most modern appliances are energy efficient and do the job in hand quickly. However, latest technology news tends to move on quickly, and the “smart” self-serviceable appliances of the future could be even more impressive, being even easier to use than anyone can imagine.

Smart-Home-TechnologyOne such example is LG’s new ‘smart fridge’. Equipped with an impressive LCD touchscreen, it comes with an internet connection that allows users to do plenty of things that may have been impossible before. Ordering food online, searching for recipes, making video calls and even writing shopping lists can be done using this appliance, which would help to make any kitchen seem more sophisticated and cutting-edge. LG are working on a number of other smart appliances too.


A ‘smart oven’ is another innovation that would look good. It can cook anything to a very high standard, uses less energy than older models and has an internet connection where you can cook any food using a downloadable programme. If this technology takes off, there’s a chance that other manufacturers could follow LG’s lead and make appliances that come with internet connectivity as standard.

Individual appliances aren’t the only thing that could change in the months and years to come. The ‘smart kitchen counter’ is something that could be a feature found in many modern kitchens. It will allow people to find a recipe simply by placing items of food on the counter, which will prove useful for anyone stuck for ideas on what to make for dinner when they get home from work. It will also let users cook on the surface without the need for pots and pans too. For the latest technology news, this one’s the best.

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