DITO giving away free 1GB data after reaching 1 million subscriber milestone


After its initial launch last March, DITO has already reached its 1 million subscriber milestone.

This shows that Filipinos are really craving a third telco player that will break the duopoly of Smart and Globe. DITO Telecommunity Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano made the announcement last Wednesday, June 16.

So to celebrate, DITO Telecommunity announced that it would be giving away 1GB of free data to their now 1 million users.

“I know it’s a small thing, but it’s a gesture on our part to show you that you guys are our partners and how proud we are,”

Adel Tamano, DITO Chief Administrative Officer

If you remember, DITO started its network services last March 8 in select areas of Mindanao and Visayas. After that, they steadily increased their reach and are now available in Metro Manila and more areas across the Philippines. You can check the list of locations here.

As of now, a DITO SIM card only works with a growing number of mobile devices. DITO explains that the picky compatibility of their SIM is due to the advanced network technology they use. The company assures everyone that they’re continuously testing different devices and will put up an updated list.

In the meantime, DITO warned against fake and overpriced WiFi modems that are being sold online, which are dressed to look like DITO-branded ones.

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