Forget what you know about the wireless technologies in the market today. A new method promises to charge gadgets without pads, docks and wires whatsoever. Meet the new WattUp by Energous—it transmits power completely over the air!

So how does the Energous WattUp work? Its transmitter component or so-called wireless charging router sends power through a radio frequency (RF) signal to any WattUp-compatible device or receiver. It’s capable of charging up to 12 receiver devices that require less than 10 watts. Charging distance can amazingly reach up to 5 meters (compared with the Powermat and Qi standard found in Lumia devices that require devices to be in direct contact with or very cloase to their charging pads). Through proprietary software, the WattUp can select and prioritize which device will receive more power.

Like other fledgling technologies, the WattUp has its limitations. Its signals can’t penetrate walls, the power transmission greatly diminishes the farther the device is from the transmitter, and it doesn’t have fast charging. Naturally, the thing is pricey (for now): the transmitter alone will be priced around $300.

No consumer devices are currently utilizing the WattUp, but Energous has already made deals with companies like Foxconn and Haier to produce its charging router.

[Via: AndroidPolice]
[Source: Energous]

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