ASUS Philippines is currently having a media event right now regarding the launch of their new Windows 8 devices that will soon be available in our country. We are on the event to check out these latest devices and we are very impressed on their initial line-up. They have an entry for each level and they didn’t limit the adaption of Windows 8 even on budget conscious consumers.


Check out some of the photos below.

ASUS Vivotab
ASUS Vivotab Smart Mode
ASUS Vivotab RT
ASUS Taichi

The laptops and devices listed above are ASUS Vivotab, Vivotab RT, and Taichi. Check out later today to know more details about this cool new devices from ASUS PH.

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  1. Before the Windows 8 reached the shores of the Philippines, they first saw it on the top reviewing websites. New York Times launched their very first article related to this phenomenal operating system. I have here some top websites that I daily read to be the first in the world of technology including noypigeeks as one of the top websites in the Philippines.