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Facebook announces Messenger Lite for Android devices


Facebook has launched a less resource intensive version of the Messenger app today.

Messenger Lite is aimed for older Android devices who are struggling to run the full version of the popular messaging app. Facebook and Messenger are known to be heavy, because they’re filled with tons of useful and useless features.

The new bare-bones ‘Lite’ app is perfect for people who are still using smartphones with old hardware and less powerful processors. Those with low memory and storage space are definitely affected by the Facebook apps, since they take hundreds of MBs of data. It’s much like the Facebook Lite app which was previously launched for the same purpose.

It’s not yet known which features have been cut off the new Messenger app, but we won’t be surprised if features like Stories and ChatBots aren’t there. We’re sure that it can send messages, photos, gifs, and stickers.

Messenger Lite is now available in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Venezuela, Kenya, and Tunisia. Other markets will follow soon.

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