A Filipino netizen developed a mobile application to honor the fallen doctors and frontliners in the line of COVID-19 duty not only in the Philippines but from other parts of the world.

According to Rey Alejandro, the sacrifices these heroes have made in order to save more people deserve all the praise and admiration. He said that his intention in developing the app was to recognize their sacrifices and inspire people to hold on to hope that this crisis will soon be over.

Aside from the ‘Heroes’ tab which features the doctors together with their names and location, a ‘Social’ and ‘News’ tab is also embedded in the app which contains reliable information about the frontliners in the form of social posts and news from legitimate sources.

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Rey added that he did not limit the app to feature only Filipino doctors because like them, doctors from all over the world are also facing the same battle and offering the same sacrifices thus, it is commendable to recognize them as well, as their stories are also worth sharing.

You may download the app through

Via: Reddit

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