As Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. officially takes the seat of the Chief Executive intending to transform the country through his so-called “developmental program,” a group of Pinoy inventors is expressing their interest in becoming a part of the scheme.

Leading the voice of the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) is its president, Ronald Pagsanhan, who, via a media forum in Quezon City, proclaims the group’s collective stake.

Through Pagsanhan, the group asserts its potential role in the development of the country. Subsequently, the team of inventors is asking for the support of PBBM in the idea, citing how his approval will boost their “courage.”

Aside from the incumbent president himself, the FIS has also reached out to lawmakers over the same plea. In particular, to the Congress and the senators whom Pansanhan was hopeful would listen to their call.

Not content with just voicing their concern to those in power, the group of Pinoy inventors also conveys the need to bring technological science into the limelight, similar to how politics is widespread in social media, in terms of developing the nation.

Taking a notable presence in the forum are science research specialist Hanz Alejandra, ex-FIS president and now Vazbuilt head Gary Vasquez, and Filipino-Japanese Engineer Dr. Bert Hasimoto.

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