As smartphones start getting cheaper and cheaper, we expect that the dumb phones that became popular from the late 90s to the early 21st century would finally lay to rest.

But the thing is, despite of the presence of high-end technology found on smartphones, people are still looking for a feature phone for some reason.

That’s the reason why some manufacturers still have a feature phone in their portfolio, a trend that was strengthened by the release of the reinvented Nokia 3310.

Firefly Mobile Candy Price Specs Features Availability-2

What we’re talking about today is the new Firefly Mobile Candy. This new handset has everything that you might expect from a basic phone. Projecting everything is a 1.8-inch LCD screen, which lets you consume data, in color. There’s also a sketchy Cleartech camera, and a 750mAh battery.

The company is also saying that the Firefly Mobile Candy can give you access to the internet but didn’t mention how or what medium of wireless connection the device have. But if the internet is not your thing, this device has an FM Radio feature to entertain you in times of need.

The Firefly Mobile Candy is available for only Php499. That is cheaper than one of the cheapest Android smartphones in the market today, the Starmobile Play Click. In fact, it’s even more affordable than a pair of pants.

Source: Firefly Mobile

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