Mobile internet is a luxury to some people, especially the millions of Filipinos who still can’t afford even the most basic smartphone or waste credits on a prepaid promo data plan. However Globe and Google have taken steps to change that by offering free internet for Globe and access to select Google services, including Google Search, Gmail and Google+. Most Filipinos will likely find Google Search to be the most interesting service since it will allow you to search and visit any site from the provided search results for free. Pretty handy for students doing their research if you ask me.


Of course, you might be wondering exactly how this works since you will technically be leaving Google Search once you click on a link. Simply put, you can still access the first page that you reach from any search result that is provided. However once you click on another link and leave that page, you will be charged a fee for regular data, provided of course that you accept that charge. Thankfully, a pop-up appears to ask you for confirmation so you won’t accidentally get charged by pressing a link you didn’t mean to press.


If you’re a Globe subscriber, simply access the Free Zone services by going to on your phone’s stock browser or text LIBRE to 8888. That’s it! Now you have free internet on Globe. Cool, right?

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