After finally announcing a stock trading feature, GCash announced that it will soon test-run the said service before the full rollout.

The new GCash stock trading feature, which was made possible in partnership with AB Capital, will start its trial run as approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


As per Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) President and CEO Ramon Monzon, having a stock trading feature on GCash — the biggest e-wallet service in the country — will encourage more Filipinos in investing.

Meanwhile, SEC Commissioner Kelvin Lester K. Lee said that they have always been supportive of “new and emerging business concepts”. They want to make sure that the “regulatory environment will allow such innovations to flourish” while staying “cautious and vigilant” to protect consumers and investors.

As per GCash, the sandbox run for the GStocks PH will be available on select users before its entire 71 million user base gets it. Those who will be testing the feature are employees from GCash and AB Capital.

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The feature will work with the user registering a trading account with AB Capital, then topping up their wallet and trading stocks using their own system through the GCash app.

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