To add to the list of Google’s failed projects, Android Things has been officially scrapped, despite it not having really took off from the ground.

Essentially an Android-based operating system (or a watered-down version of it) especially made for smart home devices, Android Things had its conception in 2015. Codenamed “Brillo” at the time, the operating system was intended to render “underlying operating system for the internet of things.”

A year later, in 2016, Brillo saw revamping which subsequently become the Android Things we know today. Part of the change with the endeavor is its focus towards devices, like speakers, routers, and security cameras.

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2018 saw the initial adoption of Android Things, but interest was relatively scarce. This is further aggravated by Google’s yet another shift in the project’s focus another year later, in 2019—this time, towards smart displays and smart speakers.

Arising from the intended permanent closure, parties who are keen in joining the project will find themselves no longer legible for application for the Android Things Console beginning January 5, 2021.

Total termination of Android Things will take place a year later, on January 5, 2022, when “the console will be turned down completely and all project data will be permanently deleted.”

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