Apple and Google set aside tech-innovation rivalry to add a contact-tracing system on their respective device platforms in cooperation with the global fight against COVID-19. The surprising partnership was announced on the 11th of April, 2020 via a live broadcast at San Francisco, USA.

The ‘joint humanitarian initiative’ will feature a software app that will aid both the local governments of each country and even the regular device user. The software is best described as a tool for ‘contact-tracing’ that will give minute up to hourly updates if you are just nearby from someone who is infected with COVID-19.

Both companies believe that interoperability can contain the coronavirus outbreak, especially in countries with high cases like in the United States, Spain, Italy, and other Asian countries. The top priorities of the deal will take their plan of action with transparency, privacy, and consent.

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Planned to be rolled on their respective app stores within a month, the user shall permit the app to access its location tracking and Bluetooth services on their devices. The first step shall involve the release of APIs from Google and Apple via specified third-party applications. Then, the second phase will be how your health inputs should be uploaded on the system which will be shared with each health government bureaus.

If a user will be found positive for COVID-19 after a series of tests, the medical center or the hospital will be responsible to add the findings. Users who are close with a Person under Investigation (PUI), Person under Monitoring (PUM), or even a patient will be under a red alert status on the app that shall last at least 14 days.

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