A new report suggests a big update coming to Google Maps.

Currently, Google Maps will give the fastest route by default when going to point B to point A. As per a report from Autoevolution, a new update will instead give drivers the most fuel-efficient way to travel.

Image: Autoevolution

As per the report, the new algorithm will consider fuel costs from Point A to B.

This is going to be the default option when you’re searching for a route. But if the time to get there is a priority, you can opt to ask Google to show you the fastest route.

Besides drivers, an upcoming Google Maps update will also help improve the experience for commuters. The navigation app will now display more detailed route information. This means that users can see step-by-step travels with their each time estimate for a more accurate ETA.


To achieve this, Google is working with public transportation agencies in different countries to give them more detailed travel routes, modes of transportations, and others, for a accurate travel details and ETA.

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