Google Meet free users will now get a 60-minute limit on group calls


Google Meet will finally enforce the 60-minute video call limit for its free users.

If you remember, this plan was initially moved to March 2021 and moved again to June to help people adjust to the new normal. Now, free tier users of Google Meet will have a 60-minute limit in video calls.

Under the support page on its website, it’s now mentioned that a Google Meet call with three or more participants can only last for 60 minutes at a time.

At around the 55-minute mark, users will be alerted that the call will end soon. Once it hits the 60-minute duration, the call will automatically stop.

The host will have to set up the call once again to continue, which doesn’t seem to be a big deal on small groups, but this can be a big hassle for big-company meetings.

On the upside, those who use Meet for one-on-one calls have a time limit of 24 hours.

While it’s sad that Google is starting to tighten the restriction, we still commend the company for making it accessible in times when needed most.

A Google Workspace plan has a starting price of USD4.20/mo (around Php209). It gives you access to Google Meets with up to 100 call participants and a 24-hour limit. The higher the plan gets, the more people can participate in a meeting (up to 250). Each plan also gives you access to other premium Google services like Gmail, Drive, Chats, Forms, etc.

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