Anyone remember The Perfect Storm from 2000? Well, it was a movie based on a real life storm of epic proportions, and Hurricane Sandy, which is the storm that’s hammering New Jersey and the surrounding areas, promises to be much, much worse. It’s so bad, they’re even calling it Frankenstorm. LOL. All silliness aside, the reason I mention this is because Google’s Nexus event that was scheduled today has been cancelled because of the sheer epicness of Hurricane Sandy. Want to know just how bad? Here’s a comparison between Sandy and Irene:



The good news is that Google is moving ahead with their plans, regardless of the cancelled event. Already, the Nexus 7 is seeing premature price drops in stores like Best Buy where the 16Gb model has dropped from $249 to just $199. This price drop hasn’t officially been announced yet, but it should be expected that some misinformed staff might jump the gun and go ahead with the planned price drop anyway, even if the official Google event hasn’t yet taken place.

Nexus 7 Back Logo

Aside from the price drop of the 16Gb model and the possible phase out of the 8Gb version, Google is expected to unveil a larger capacity Nexus 7 and a 3G version as well. There’s also the Nexus 4 smartphone by LG and the Nexus 10 tablet by Samsung, both of which are expected to launch with Android 4.2.

While there is a strong possibility that Google will reveal Android 4.2, rumors are saying that it isn’t going to be called Key Lime Pie, as the naming tradition would suggest (Eclair 2.1, Froyo 2.2, Gingerbread 2.3, Honeycomb 3.0, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, Jelly Bean 4.1, and so forth). It seems that they will still call it Jelly Bean since it’s really just an incremental upgrade. Then again, Jelly Bean was also considered an incremental upgrade over ICS so even I’m confused.

Anyway, it’s important to remember that these are mostly rumors at this point. No news yet on when it will be rescheduled, but we’ll update you guys as soon as the new schedule becomes available.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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