Top executives from PLDT flew all the way to Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley to sign a partnership deal with one of the biggest tech companies the industry today.

With this agreement, Smart WiFi and Google will work hand-in-hand to deliver free internet services to the Filipinos nationwide.

Smart WiFi’s beefy infrastructure nationwide makes it the perfect partner for Google’s mission to get everyone in the world, especially here in the Philippines, connected to the internet and gain access to information that was not accessible to them before.

“All our efforts are driven primarily by our mission to provide universal access to information,” — David Shapiro, Google Next Billion Users Chief Business Officer

As you all know, the Smart WiFi service is now available in numerous public places nationwide. You can enjoy this free WiFi service in LRT-1 and MRT stations, tourist spots, schools and universities, and many more.

This partnership will hopefully increase the 63% of Filipinos who have access to internet services.

Besides having access to information, it’s also believed that the country’s overall GDP growth might have been caused by people creating and making businesses online.

“Technology is a great equalizer of opportunities and as the country’s premier ICT and digital services provider, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and uplift the everyday experiences of our customers,” — Eric Alberto, PLDT and Smart Chief Revenue Officer

Via: Manila Bulletin

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