Two of the most popular operating systems on the wearable space are merging: Wear OS and Tizen.

In the latest Google IO event, the Android maker announced that its Wear OS would be merging with Samsung’s Tizen wearable OS. The fusion of the two will be simply called “Wear”, albeit the final name might change.


So, what can we benefit from this? At the top of our heads: better app availability; and apparently, that would be the case. With the merging, app developers will only have to create one app, instead of making two for Wear OS and Tizen.

Google also pledged to offer more apps and watch faces.


Moreover, the Google-Samsung team-up will help improve battery life, have 30% faster app loading times, and smoother animations and transitions.

As per a Google executive, brands can add their own UI to their watch, like what they do on smartphones. Developers can also use Android tools that are already familiar to them to create a larger ecosystem.


Reports suggest that Samsung will stop making Tizen-only watches but will keep its signature rotating bezel.

A standalone Google Maps version will also arrive that doesn’t require a smartphone nearby. Plus, a YouTube Music Wear app that can carry tracks offline.

It’s been confirmed that the next Galaxy Watch will run on this merged platform. Fitbit will also adopt this unified OS on its upcoming premium watch.

Via: Wired

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