Grab Philippines is being prohibited from entering the motorcycle taxi business.

The motorcycle taxi technical working group (TWG) suspended Grab Philippines and Move It’s partnership back on September 30, 2021, just after a week of working together.

Now, in a letter sent to Move It CEO Francis Juan back on December 10, TWG said that its members concluded to “permanently terminate” its partnership with Grab.

TWG explained that allowing for the partnership to continue will make Grab “the fourth de facto player, which is not allowed under existing conditions of the pilot study.”

The technical working group added that allowing the partnership to continue will only “rekindle the issues that were raised by the complainants” and will further put the group in a “very tight and compromising position” from the upper and lower house senate, stakeholders, and the two other players: Angkas and Joyride.


However, the group did acknowledge how Grab and Move It was successful in recruiting more riders. Still, TWG said that “the pilot study is now on its concluding stage, thus, onboarding new recruits may no longer be necessary at this point in time,”

TWG did say that Grab Philippines can enter the motorcycle taxi market once the law legalizing such a move has been passed.


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