Motorized tricycle is one of the most common modes of transportation here in the Philippines.

Grab, the leading ride-hailing service in the country, is embracing that fact by introducing the new GrabTrike Premium service. An alternative for Grab users who will opt for short-distance commuting.

The company partnered with AutoItalia Philippines, the exclusive distributor of Piaggio Apé vehicles in the country. GrabTrike Premium service will use Euro-IV Piaggio Apé City Fi tricycles, which has tons of benefits both for drivers and passengers.


As per Grab, this vehicle has low acquisition cost and can be operated by frugal gas or diesel, which can go up to 38km with just a liter of gas. It also has good transmission, reverse feature, and a maximum climb 20.5% gradient performance.

The Piaggio Apé City Fi tricycle can carry 300kg of cargo, has a sturdy build that can withstand different weather and accidents, and comes with spacious leg room and comfortable seats.

Piaggio’s industrial and efficient vehicle is part of Grab’s mission to modernize the transportation industry in the Philippines. Which is also in-line with the initiative that the transport ministry in the country is currently doing.

The GrabTrike Premium service is now being offered in the Municipality of Binalonan in Pangasinan where twenty-four Piaggio Apé units are already in operation. Grab said that they are working with LGUs to bring the service in more cities around the Philippines.

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