A local team of architects and engineers is working on a project to convert shipping containers to emergency hospitals for treating COVID-19 patients.  

Several hospitals have reported to have reached maximum capacity due to the addition of numerous patients that have already tested positive of having the novel coronavirus, and on top of that, those that are being investigated and monitored are not dropping in numbers either.  

Because of this, a group named Rapid Deployment (RaD) Hospitals is working with the Department of Health to build modular units out of shipping containers to be used as makeshift emergency care hospitals for treating patients with COVID-19.

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According to project head Mac Evangelista, there is an availability of masks and tents but what the Philippines lack are isolation and intensive care units that are supposed to contain the disease. Hence, the idea of designing a facility about 151-square meter in size that can fit up to twenty-four isolation units. It will also house nursing stations.  

Construction of one facility would cost about Php2 million for the labor part only.  

Currently, the project is on the fund-raising phase. Apart from cash donations, the team is also requesting transport and cargo companies for donations of decommissioned container vans. They are also in need of construction supplies such as fiber cement and steel.  

Evangelista said that their project would not only help the health sector but also the construction workers as it will be an opportunity to replace their loss of livelihood (due to the enhanced community quarantine).  

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