Philippine senator Sherwin Gatchalian announced last Wednesday, January 6, that a hacker used his credit card to order Php1 million worth of food online.

In a Twitter post, Sen. Gatchalian revealed that someone used his credit card and ordered Php1 million worth of food from delivery service FoodPanda in less than an hour. The senator jokingly ended the tweet, saying that the order might consist of lauriat meals fit for an entire barangay.

The post includes a screenshot of the said hacked transaction. The Php1 million credit was split into four orders with varying amounts: Php300,851.00, Php356,517.00, Php323,247.00, and Php96,265.00.

What’s alarming is, the hacker was able to change the registered mobile number where the one-time password (OTP) is being sent.

Since then, the Twitter post has been bombarded with comments questioning FoodPanda, which is yet to release a statement.

One user asked why FoodPanda still processed the order and did not flag the order’s ludicrousness. Some are also asking how the company can deliver Php300,000 worth of food since they only have bike riders and no delivery vans.

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On the other hand, some speculators have their eyes on the Senator’s bank, which they said should have contacted the Senator first before clearing the transaction.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian is the Senate committee vice-chairperson on banks and financial institutions and Senate committee on economic affairs.

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