As the country continues on its shift to digital and living an active lifestyle becomes more relevant than ever, consumer finance company Home Credit revealed that laptops and bicycles top the list of items that borrowers are applying for with loans.

Home Credit Philippines Director and Treasurer Zdenek Jankovsky described his company as previously significant for “financing mobile phones” but has since then seen a shift towards another smart electronic device, the laptop.

Jankovsky also added how bikes make for another hot item as to why people borrow money, citing how individuals are looking for an alternative way to remain active, which is something they found in the two wheels.

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While there have been rate hikes, partly induced by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)’s tightening of monetary policy, Jankovsky claims not to see the move to influence consumer behavior.

Borrowers who are short on cash can turn to Home Credit for a loan, where they can borrow an amount ranging between Php12,000 and Php15,000. However, borrowers who manage to maintain good credit can borrow a bigger amount, ranging between Php30,000 and Php40,000, as a reward.

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