Netflix announced that they’ve signed a major new licensing agreement with Japanese television network Nippon Television (NTV) to stream classic anime titles from the company’s vast library.

The announcement came from Netflix and Nippon TV as a news release about the partnership just going live. It appears the anime streaming service is teaming up with the Japanese television network to add 13 titles to their library. And yes, the reports are true. The agreement includes Berserk 1997, Monster, NANA, and more. You can find a full list of titles below:

  1. Hajime no Ippon Gakuen: The Fighting
  2. Monster
  3. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  4. Ouran High School Host Club
  5. From Me to You
  6. From Me to You 2nd Season
  7. Claymore
  8. Death Note
  9. Death Note: Religions of a Dead God
  10. Death Note: Religare 2 (Death Note Religare 2 – L’s Successor)
  11. 1997 Berserk
  12. NANA
  13. Parasyte -the maxim-

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For many decades, Japanese anime have been one of the biggest forces in popular culture. And with the recent growth of online streaming platforms, animes are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

So, naturally, Netflix would jump at the chance to add this huge library of animes to its ever-growing collection. But what does this mean for Netflix? Well, obviously, they’ll get access to tons of new animes to watch, and hopefully, the company can continue to expand its own original series as well. 

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