Forget about the Intel’s Compute Stick and the Raspberry Pi, a new smart technology is coming to our devices soon and it will come at the size of a credit card: the Intel Compute Card.

Unlike from what we have seen with the aforementioned devices, the Intel Compute Card may not be a simple USB-type plug-and-play device which turns displays into becoming smart devices with the right peripherals.

This developing technology from the chip giant, Intel, is in itself a computer as it contains all the hardware components of a full computer—system on a processor, memory, wireless connectivity, storage, and several I/O options.

Reportedly, this handy device is meant to fit in an Intel-standardized slot which may or may not yet be existent and will revolutionize on how we upgrade our future devices.

So instead of disposing of our old devices like the will-be aging 4K TV in place of a newer alternative, consumers would instead opt to put in the Compute Card in the device and give it a performance boost and feature unique with the card.

While doing so may only lengthen the old device’s usage instead of giving it a performance tantamount to a newer technology, it nonetheless mitigates the need to buy on the new thus saving on potential electronic waste.

In addition, thanks to the Intel Compute Card’s Internet of Things feature, it can also be used as a means by which our appliances and other contraptions can communicate and do computing. It will be release by mid 2017 in partnership with Lenovo, HP, Sharp, and Dell.

Source: Intel

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