20GB of Intel IP data breach released online, mentions backdoors


A Swiss IT consultant, Till Kottmann recently posted on Twitter a link to a file sharing service that is home to what is claimed by an anonymous source to be a chunk of Intel’s crown jewels. The file is 20GB in size and hosts confidential Intel intellectual property information. The leaker named the leak as “Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release”.

Intel, in an official statement, claimed to be investigating the situation, which they said may have come from the Resource and Design Center of the company. The center hosts customer’s information and those of partners and gives access to other external partners who have made registration to gain access to the data. This leak was thought to have been shared by an individual with access.

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The Resource and Design Center is a website created by Intel and dedicated to provide the partners of the company with NDA documentation for the purpose of product integration. In the reports, the files were said to be marked with NDA license agreements to “Centerm Information Co. Ltd., a Chinese firm that was listed and registered under the laws of the People’s Republic of China. This could just be an indication that the said company might also have been hacked.

The anonymous source who appears to be the one that posted the file, claims there are more which would be released soon. We don’t know the exact details of the content of the folder but we have verified its existence. The fact is that most of the titles of the documents correspond to the list of purported information the leaker posted.

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