Security researchers from Check Point has announced that they discovered over 400 code vulnerabilities in the digital signal processors (DSP) of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets.

The researchers are yet to reveal what exactly the security flaws are, fearing that it might be used maliciously before Qualcomm can release the fix. But what can the vulnerabilities do? Hackers can access consumer data, secretly record calls, make devices unusable, and install malware.

Whether the security flaws are easily exploitable or not is still unknown. The security experts noted that smartphone brands can’t fix these on their own, until Qualcomm patches it themsleves.


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The good news is Qualcomm is already working on solutions for the said issues. Speaking to MarketWatch, a company representative said it will provide “appropriate mitigations” to brands, so they can prevent the abuse of the exploits.

While the threat is relatively low, we have to remember that over 40% of the smartphones shipped last year have Qualcomm processors inside them. This means that hundreds of million of Android devices are potentially exposed, and fixing them could be very difficult if not impossible.

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