The Philippines continues to climb in worldwide rankings in mobile and fixed broadband Internet speeds.

Compared to its rank in April in Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, the country has jumped by 15 slots to 65th place in May 2021 in fixed broadband. For mobile Internet, the country has now reached 77th globally, up seven places.

In terms of actual speeds, the Philippines currently has an average download speed of 58.73Mbps and 31.98Mbps for fixed and mobile internet, respectively. Last month, the averages were 49.31Mbps and 29.12Mbps.

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Latency has also improved. It now stands at 19 milliseconds, a millisecond difference since April.

The rise in ranks by the Philippines is quite remarkable. It was only in December 2020 when the country ranked second to last among ASEAN countries and 110th globally in mobile internet.

With its May 2021 mobile average, the Philippines has surpassed Malaysia but still lags behind Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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