Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series is only a couple of weeks old. However, a couple of early owners are already reporting issues about the latest smartphone.

Some users have reported display tinting and flickering on the latest iPhone 12. The tinting issue shows green and yellow tints on select iPhone 12 units.

Source: Apple Forums

Moreover, a leaked internal document reveals that Apple is already aware of the issue. It’s said that Apple is asking its service centers to, if a user posed the problem to them, not to take it apart and try to repair the device.

This is because Apple believes that it’s just a software issue, which can be easily fixed by an over-the-air (OTA) update.


One user from Apple’s official forum says that the issue occurs when the screen brightness is lower than 90%. The user added that the black pixels are not turning off in moving scenes. It also takes a few seconds for black pixels to turn off when the scene is static or not moving.

Meanwhile, a couple of users on Reddit complains that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is having flicker issues.

Apple is yet to address the issue officially. But since a leaked document reveals that they are already aware of the issue, they are possibly already working for a solution by now, and we should hear a word from them in the coming weeks — or possibly months if Apple decides to blow it over for a few months to not affect sales during the holiday season.

Via: MacRumors

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