Vivo previously teased that they are migrating from FuntouchOS to its latest interface, OriginOS. Now, the tech giant details its features.

With the Vivo OriginOS, Vivo smartphones are getting an entirely new look and new usability features. While some third-party UI is sticking to the stock-Android look, it appears that Vivo is going the other way.

Interactive widgets


One of the distinct features of OriginOS that you’d immediately notice is the widgets. As per Vivo, it’s been inspired by Huarong Road, which is a sliding puzzle that has different sizes for pieces.

Rearranging the widgets is satisfying if you can match the right sizes. But if you can’t, it should still look fine.


Just like a regular widget, it displays relevant information within the app. What’s new here is the Nano Alerts, which shows notifications from the app through the widget. You can also interact with the widgets to control the app.

Behavioral Wallpapers

If you don’t mind losing battery faster, Vivo has created different Behavioral Wallpapers for the OriginOS. They are basically animated wallpapers, which looks really calming to look at.

Some wallpapers can also match the current weather of your location.



The OriginOS will feature 26 gesture combinations, which you can do by tapping the bottom of the screen.

Having this many combinations means that it’s more than just for navigation. It could also be used for taking screenshots, mobile payments, and more.

SuperCard mobile payments


Mobile and cashless payments are gaining more popularity in the last few months. The SuperCard was made just for that. It can be summoned anytime and everywhere, even when the screen is off.

Multi-Turbo 5.0 and performance improvements


Besides the visual and usability revamp, OriginOS will also bring performance improvement to Vivo smartphones that will have it.

Multi-Turbo 5.0 brings a couple of memory optimization to improve performance. There’s the Memory Fusion feature, which boosts the RAM capacity by 3GB via the internal storage. It can also optimize the software to lessen the demand for memory in the first place.

OriginOS can also guess what app you’re going to use, pre-load it, so it’s ready when you’re about to use it.

These are just the key features of the Vivo OriginOS. You can also expect that the company has integrated native features that the Android 11 has in store for us.

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