Are you one of those who were thinking of getting an iPhone 7 a few months back, but changed your mind and just waited for the iPhone 8? Or maybe, you were waiting for the new iPhones so the older generation’ price goes down? Well, you’re in luck as Apple did a price cut to the “older” models.

To make the pricing a bit “logical” for the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, Apple has adjusted the pricing of their older models  from the iPhone SE up to the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone price list in the Philippines

ModelUpdated PriceOriginal Price
iPhone SE (32GB)Php22,490Php23,590
iPhone SE (128GB)Php28,990Php29,590
iPhone 6S (32GB)Php28,990Php31,990
iPhone 6S (128GB)Php35,490Php37,990
iPhone 6S Plus (32GB)Php35,490Php37,990
iPhone 6S Plus (128GB)Php41,990Php43,990
iPhone 7 (32GB)Php35,490Php37,990
iPhone 7 (128GB)Php41,990Php43,990
iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)Php42,990Php44,990
iPhone 7 Plus (128GB)Php49,490Php50,990

The prices came directly from Apple Philippines’ website. Do take note that the actual prices may vary depending on where you’re getting it from. But ideally, the prices of the iPhones stated above should go down across the board.

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