Customers who got first dibs on the new iPhones are having bad cell reception and Wi-Fi problems.

Compared to the older iPhones like the X and 8, the new models are noticeably slower in speed, prompting consumers to complain about their new purchase.

As discussed by users in Reddit, MacRumors forum, and Apple’s very own support forum, it seems like it’s not an isolated issue as it’s happening across different countries and carriers.


What makes it even more frustrating to early adopters is they are actually expecting bumped up data speeds on both Wi-Fi and LTE in comparison to the previous generation, as shown in tests made by SpeedSmart. The chart showed that the iPhone XS and XS Max can get at least two to three times faster speeds than the iPhone X.

iFixit’s teardown has revealed that there’s a new antenna line at the bottom of the phone, so it shouldn’t really perform worse than its predecessor.

Users posting in forums have speculated that it could be a massive issue like the “Antenna-gate” that happened during the iPhone 4 launch. Hopefully, Apple could settle this issue with a simple software update or else they would be in big trouble.

Via: MacRumors

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