In light of the recently-held Consumer Electronics Show of 2017, Chinese conglomerate LeEco announced its version of the “smart bike,” a fusion of traditional bicycle and convenient features found in a smart device.

The products come in two variants: the Smart Road Bike and the Smart Mountain Bike.

Featuring a 4-inch touchscreen device at the centerpiece of both smart technology-infused bicycles via the company’s bike-oriented flavor of Android 6.0 Marshmallow called BikeOS, both rides give their users features commonly not found in the traditional bicycle.

Most relevant of its features include the HD Live mapping software, Here, which gives users turn-by-turn directions of where to go, music playback capable of streaming and offline play, logs of ride data, as well as a social component among fellow LeEco Smart bike riders using walkie-talkie technology.


Both smart devices embedded with the bikes run on Snapdragon 410 and 6000 mAh removable battery.

These two smart bicycle variants also came prebuilt with features commonly found with two-wheel drives, lights and horn, in addition to other convenient features such as an accelerometer, compass, alarm, and surprisingly, a barometer.

Featuring also external support from other vendors, both rides allows the pairing of other devices such as an ANT+ heart rate and power monitors which aid in tracking a user’s fitness progress.

The two bikes, however, are differed by their mechanical components which give each bike their unique weights: the LeEco Smart Road Bike is lighter at 18.5 pounds and is meant for a smooth terrain like the road whereas the LeEco Mountain Bike is heavier at 26.9 pounds and is meant for rougher terrains.

Source: CNET

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