Other than the hardware design, brands stamp their mark on their smartphone by tailoring its interface. Sure, all of them runs on Android, but almost all of them look different.

Lenovo, for one, has been doing this for a while with their own Vibe Pure UI. However, an executive from the company has confirmed that they’re abandoning their in-house interface and will start utilizing Android’s stock interface.

Some consumers might be into it, but for Android fans like me, I despise when manufacturers try to alter what the developers of Android wants me to experience. Having an extra layer on the software can also slow down the entire system, which translates to a poor user-experience.

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Hence, this move by Lenovo is really commendable. Anuj Sharma, Lenovo’s head of product marketing in the smartphone division, has talked to Gadgets 360 about this change. As per Sharma, consumers asked for it, that’s why they obliged.

The executive also added that this will help them to be more efficient in providing faster updates. This means that they can quickly provide Android O updates once it becomes available later this year.

The new interface implementation will start on the upcoming Lenovo K8 Note, which will be available in India this month.

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