The bigger the number the better — that has been the mantra of smartphone manufacturers in recent years.

Huawei introduced the P20 Pro earlier this year, which came with three cameras on the back. And a few months later, Samsung tried to fight that with the Galaxy A9 2018 and its quad rear cameras.

But now, LG is saying “Why stop there?” as they filed a patent for a smartphone with 16 cameras on the back. That’s four times more than what Samsung’s offering has.


LG will use a 4 x 4 sensor orientation, with a concave form. This will allow the camera system to take more information from different angles, and stitch them into a single photo.

As per LG, one possible use case for this is to find the best angle for the person subject in the frame by readjusting the angle of their faces. Its intelligent software can even use the facial angles from the previously taken images.


The company is looking into ways to allow users to take selfies on this thing. LG might include a mirror on the back, like what we saw in yesteryear’s phones. While a secondary rear display is also plausible, just like what ZTE did on the Nubia X.

Besides the ludicrous camera system, the patent also suggests that LG is working on a new loudspeaker design. The company might include a speaker system in front and back, creating a wider and more immersive stereo experience.

There’s no official launch date about this device just yet. And considering how ambitious this concept is, we might not see it being immortalized until next year, or the year after that.

Source: LetsGoDigital


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