Linode announces $5 1GB RAM plan and high-memory instances


Linode unveils their gifts to consumers on Valentine’s day.

Linode $5 1GB RAM plan

Linode is definitely focused on moving back up on the cloud server battlefield as they just released a truly value for money $5 per month plan. The company’s lowest plan was $10 before, but they’ve finally decided to step up and compete with fierce competitor Digital Ocean. And not only that, they’re offering a far better deal with double the size of RAM from DO – 512MB vs Linode’s 1GB.


With its price, it’s not surprising that there are some compromises to be made. The most notable is probably the 75Mbps 1000Mbps network out speed which is really not that great if you’re going to use it (probably not) for production applications.

UPDATE: The company corrected the network out speed to 1000Mbps instead of 75Mbps.

Linode high-memory instances

Linode’s offerings are typically balanced in terms of CPU, RAM, and storage. The reason behind that is because it’s made for general use cases, not for any type of usage. That leaves developers with custom requirements wanting to have more RAM and memory but not more CPU. By following the old Linode scheme, consumers would need to pay for the extra CPU and memory even if they only need more RAM. Fortunately, those days are over.

The new high-memory instances of Linode enables its customers to avail more RAM without the need to get more CPU power. The plan starts at $60 per month, with 16GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, and 20GB of SSD. Network in speeds are up to 40Gbps while network up can get up to 750Mbps.


Remember that these Linodes can also be freely resized anytime as you see fit. You can go from a standard instance to a high-memory plan and vice versa, as well as resize and upgrade from a lower to a bigger server in just a few clicks.

For those who are still on legacy Xen-based Linode plans, you would need to upgrade to the KVM platform which can easily be done by going to the right part of the dashboard.

Unfortunately, there’s still no option for more block storage on Linode but they said that they’re working on it and a beta will be launched in the next few months.

Source: Linode


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